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I begin all my BodyTalk sessions with the Cortices technique to pull the body-mind out of stress mode and to encourage relaxation to prepare for the session.  


Sessions will vary person to person because BodyTalk works with the individual rather than the symptoms.  Sessions are priority led, honouring the body's intelligence and innate ability to heal.  By considering emotional, mental, physical and spiritual factors, we are encompassing a person's entire life story; experiences, memories, beliefs, behaviours, the environment and more when reestablishing the lines of communication within the body.

With our attention on the potential to heal, we don't limit what is possible during a BodyTalk session and knowing that everything within us and around us is connected we don't limit what can be positively impacted by the session days, weeks, or even months after.  Shifts can be experienced during the session; for days and sometimes weeks after the session.  Sometimes shifts can be subtle and we don't always notice the changes until one day we just do! We have this ah ha moment or something stops you! Shifts just happen automatically because your body knows what to do!


We all have an in born intelligence within us;  as a practitioner my innate's responsibility is to observe the shifts.  Your innate; as the client, is responsible for the healing.  

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- In person and distant sessions are available-

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