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BodyTalk Fundamentals

with Sherry Gilbert

BodyTalk Fundamentals

9:00am - 6:00pm

You will learn...

& beyond...

BodyTalk Fundamentals provides many powerful treatment techniques, addressing a wide variety of symptoms and diseases, while helping you learn a new paradigm for synchronizing and balancing the body mind complex. Most physical, mental and emotional states can be simply and effectively addressed with BodyTalk. This course consists of theoretical aspects as well as hands on practical application of the treatment techniques, resulting in your own healing within this course. You will learn everything you need to be able to do full BodyTalk sessions on family and friends or embark on a career as a practitioner! BodyTalk gets amazing results and you can find many testimonials on the website.








  • Specific balancing of the 10 major body organs, 8 endocrines systems & more

  • Correction of the hereditary and/or environmentally influenced cell disorders

  • How to clear the body of viruses, infections, parasites, food intolerances, allergies & accumulated toxins

  • How to clear past & present emotional trauma (very effective in correcting many psychological disorders)

  • General treatment for breathing patterns, left/right body & brain coordination, energy blockages, scars & adhesions, structural integrity, mood, energy levels, muscle tension & digestion

  • How to increase circulation within the lymph, circulatory and nervous systems

  • To balance various energy systems including traditional acupuncture meridians and chakras

  • To resolve chronic and acute pain

  • Notice differences in how you approach your health and your life

  • Become more aware of what your body might be trying to tell you

  • Have tools that allow you to continue your own healing for the rest of your life

  • Help facilitate and observe the healing of family and friends

  • Have the foundation to begin a career in this revolutionary healthcare system… if you wish :)

Sherry's BodyTalk Fundamental seminar includes significant practice time for integration, and continued support to all participants. Sherry provides regular study groups to all her student to ensure continued growth and development as well as to assist in any technical or clinical challenges they may encounter. Conference calls will be set up to help bridge geographical issues for students. Every class is encouraged to set up their own local study groups which Sherry will be available via Skype to serve as a resource for the group


Fundamentals is an amazing way to heal, learn and grow.

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