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Lymphatic Support 

 The Lymphatic systems is one of the most significant systems in the body; if it stopped working you would die within 24 hours!  

It greatly impacts the entire health of our body, specifically our immune system.  


The Lymphatic system works against gravity, upward and without a pump so it needs our help to be stimulated.  That is why these Lymphatic Support sessions are crucial; by stimulating the interstitial fluid, we are able to generate movement in stagnant areas to increase energy, encourage natural detoxification within the body, reduce swelling, ease digestive issues, regulate bowel movements, decrease joint pain, promote sinus drainage, and boost your immune system.


     The Lymphatic Support sessions are non invasive and relaxing.  You have the options of having it done on the skin, on your clothes, or done off the body; energetically.

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-In person and distant sessions are available-

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