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At the first BodyTalk Access class I took, I knew I wanted to teach it.  The knowing that I wanted to share these techniques solidified with the shifts that I experienced throughout the first couple weeks of taking class and even more so as the techniques of BodyTalk Access became a solid support system through some of the most challenging times and some of the most radical changes in my life.  No these techniques are not a cure all, but they have never let me down and 7 years since taking my first class, I am still blown away at the results and the healing that has been done.  This is my active meditation, and I will practice this for the rest of my life.  

BodyTalk Access is a simple set of energy-based techniques to make health maintenance and the management of daily health challenges accessible. When the techniques are applied on a regular basis, a majority of your day-to-day health and stress-related concerns can very easily be addressed; allowing you to manage your stress with less effort and more ease.

The wellness routine presented in BodyTalk Access helps to re-establish internal lines of communication within the body-mind. This ultimately helps the individual have more resiliency towards stress and any other factors that can be detrimental to long term health. The Access routine is designed to be practiced as a complete set and can be done once a day or more depending on need.



Balances the brain so the brain is turned on and communicating appropriately.  Improve focus, mental clarity, concentration, calm internal stress, become less reactive/experience more ease, improve sleep and memory


Normalize your stress threshold.  Decrease total stress levels while increasing your resiliency for stress. 



Improve water intake, absorption and utilization.  


Body Chemistry 

Optimize immune system; fight off viruses and bacteria, calm allergies and intolerances


Helps to balance posture and the physical structure of the body, thus improving range-of-motion, flexibility and overall coordination of the muscles, tendons and ligaments.


Fast Aid

The Fast Aid routine combines two of the above techniques to assist in helping the body recover from all sorts of minor to major injuries by shifting the body out of a state of shock and trauma back into the growth and healing mode. Fast Aid is highly flexible, incredibly fast and can be used anytime or place to assist in the recovery from injuries and trauma.


 I have done BodyTalk Access every day since our class! I love how I am feeling!  I am sleeping better, I feel like my depression is subsiding a bit, I have more energy!

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I just wanted to comment on the Reciprocals.  You used the words "put together" a few times, and that really is it, isn't it?  When I do it I feel so balanced and internally strong.


My daughter was having reaction after reaction, so I used it for fevers, earache, eye infection, falling off a deck, and hives!

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Satisfied Students

Satisfied Students

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